Find out what makes DataX the best Commission Calculator system for Insurance Brokers and Agents

Advisor Invoicing

Our invoicing system allows advisors to easily create invoices and manage billing.

Advisor Management

Give your admin team the tools to effectively manage advisors and clients.

Advanced Reporting

Increase business efficiency by saving time while improving accuracy.

Payment Tracking

Keep track of all your transactions from one central system.

Private & Secure Customer Database – Company & Individual

All information is safely stored in a highly protected secure database.

Accurate Commission Calculation

Perform correct and reliable commission calculations, saving time and removing human error.

Commission Management

Our intuitive system makes it simple to create, amend and review upcoming commission payments.

Provider & Product Management

Easily add and customise providers and products to suit your business requirements.

Automated Daily Backups

Protect your data with automated backups. All system files and information are backed up on a daily basis.

Encrypted Data Security

Encryption is used to keep your data safe and tamper-proof. DataX uses the latest, high-functioning data security software at all stages of the development phase

Accessible from Anywhere

Our cloud-based system provides easy and convenient access – any time, anywhere.

Monthly Summary

Create quick summaries of your financial activities of the month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to give you a walk through DataX software
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How do I amend an invoice?

To make the required changes to policies or other invoice sections, go to the invoice page, find the amendment request and click on the “recalculate” button.

How do I issue multiple invoices in the same month?

When you mark the first invoice as paid, you will be presented with the option to create a new invoice.

How can Advisors check the amended invoice against the original invoice?

Advisors can find the amendment requested invoice on the Your Invoices page and click the amendment button. The original invoice can be viewed from there.

Can Advisors check the current invoice without manager submission?

Yes. Advisors can go to the Your Invoices page and click on the “check your invoice to date” button.

How do I register a new Admin into the system?

Go to the Settings page by clicking your name from the top right-hand side. Once you are logged in as an admin, you can create all admin users from there.

How can I see the previous invoices?

Go to the Invoices page and select the month you want to view.

Can I change the password of an advisor?

If you are an admin, yes you can. Go to the advisor’s profile and click on the “Send new Password” button.

What is the difference between Super Admin and Normal Admin?

A Super Admin can View, Create and Change data in the system. A Normal Admin can only view the data in the system.

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