Packed With Features

iClick To Eat is the ideal online food ordering system for your café or restaurant. It is customisable, simplified for you and your clientele, and syncs with existing payment options.

  • No monthly fees!
  • Integrates seamlessly with your current website and branding
  • Faster and easier for your customers (and for you) than other ordering systems
  • Syncs with all your payment options
  • Prints orders out for the kitchen
  • Mobile app with notification system for your staff to manage orders

Increase Online Bookings

The beauty of iClick To Eat is its integration into your existing website giving customers a seamless (and speedy) experience. We customise iClick To Eat to match your branding and the design of your website. Your customers will want to order online with you because it’s faster and easier than any other option.

Completely Mobile Friendly 

iClick To Eat is designed so that café and restaurant managers can monitor all orders from their phones. That means you, or your manager, can instantly check orders, answer queries, make updates and more from the front desk – without needing access to a computer or other device. Your mobile phone can manage your entire ordering system.

No Ongoing Fees

While other online ordering systems involve monthly fees, we ask for nothing after the initial one-off cost to purchase. With our simplified back-end design and our training you won’t need to worry about expensive follow-up support either, although we’re always there if you need us. We want to give your customers the ultimate user experience while making your life simpler too.