Bespoke Software

Do you need a custom software solution? We offer a range of development services, from short projects to long-term collaborations. Whether you’re looking for a complete custom solution or just need to add a new feature to an existing application, we can help.

We have been developing bespoke software for many years and have a proven track record in quality software development. Our team can also handle various integration and database management requirements.

Our approach is robust research discovery and strategy development for a future proof solution that meets your needs. Achieve your business goals with software that is perfectly suited to your business environment.


What we offer


Initial consultation

We start by establishing the project goals in a series of discovery meetings. This research ensures that we understand your requirements and can recommend the best development approach.

  • Day-to-day requirements: who will be using the software, how will it support their roles, and what functionality do you need?
  • Wider business context: how can the software reduce cost or increase efficiency across your organisation?
  • Existing business processes: how can the software align with or improve your current processes?
  • Pain points: are there any issues with your current software, or ‘problem areas’ of your business where we can save time or reduce headaches?
  • Planned budget and ideal project timeframe.
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Creative technical design

Once the project specifications are confirmed, our team create initial wireframes and mockups of the software architecture. These mockups give you an idea of how the finished software could look and feel.

This is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the software and build excitement in your business by sharing the designs with your team.

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Implementation and deployment

Once we’ve completed testing and ironed out any bugs, we’ll work with your team to implement the software into your business. We’ll provide staff training and ensure you have all the support you need for a successful launch.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we may release your software in several stages or a single deployment.

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Ongoing maintenance is one of the most significant benefits of custom software. We provide proactive maintenance and support, ensuring your software works as intended and supports your business for years to come.

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Feasibility analysis

Once we’ve explored what you need from your software solution, we scope out the technical and financial detail and assess the project’s feasibility.We establish a project timeframe and budget during this stage and calculate projected ROI. We also determine which team members will be involved in your project and how much resource will be needed.

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Coding and development

At this point, the development team start coding your software. Development is the longest stage in the process, and the most important; your project manager will provide regular updates throughout development.

We often use an Agile development approach, which allows us to continuously build and iterate on your software. Our Agile team meet every day to share their progress and report any issues – it’s a collaborative, efficient way to build your software solution.

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Quality assurance testing

As we reach the end of the development stage, our team will begin multiple rounds of testing to remove any bugs, defects or logical errors in the software. We’ll undertake functional testing, which checks that all of the product features are working correctly, and non-functional testing, which checks how the software behaves (e.g. does it run quickly, is it easy to use).

The length of the testing phase varies depending on the complexity of your software. The more complex it is, the more time we will need to test.

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We have got you covered

We offer an efficient, optimised development process, from initial consultation to deployment and maintenance. We guarantee you an optimum uptime and all the advice you need to get the best benefits from your software.

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